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Monday in L1mburg Central: Corona recovery process is quite long and complex, Fortuna has its own poetry collection and more Limburg news.
Those who recover from corona often have complaints for months
There is still a lot of ignorance about the coronavirus. Complaints range from mild to serious, but doctors know one thing for sure: those who are affected can have complaints for months after they are virus-free. The most common and well-known complaints in recovering corona patients are fatigue and breathing problems. But there are also a variety of complaints that may be less known, such as a persistent headache or constant pressure in the chest, as if someone is pressing your chest all the time. Muscle and joint pain also occurs. Some of the rehabilitation patients indicate that they do not smell or taste differently for a long time.
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Corona recovery process is quite complex
The large differences in the clinical picture with corona can make the recovery process quite complex. Rehabilitation center Adelante started with a special corona repair department at the end of March. At the table we talk about this with Yvette van Horn, rehabilitation doctor and driver of Adelante.
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Elderly people in corona times are not ‘dry wood’
The comments to isolate the elderly in corona times and discard them as ‘dry wood’ have caused quite a stir over the past few days. With the hashtag #geendorhout, other vulnerable people, such as young people with a disease, try to give the risk group a face. One of those persons is 24-year-old Kyara Slenter.
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Limburg Festival from a classic van
The Limburg Festival, a special theater at unique locations since 1983 in Central Limburg, is canceled this year. There is, however, a corona edition consisting of a five-part TV and internet series made by comedian Martijn Crins, who would actually perform at the festival himself. When he received the cancellation, he came up with the idea to do something and so now from 12 to 16 August he makes ‘Limburg Festival TV’ from a classic van.
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Fortuna has its own poetry collection
Jules Deelder already did it for Sparta, making poems. But now Fortuna also has its own collection of poetry. Written by a huge fan, they pay tribute to all of the defining players and trainers over the years. The book was presented to Kevin Hofland and Sjors Ultee. Writer Marc Schoutrop did this by surprising both trainers with a presentation from his own work.
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Route Regio on the road in Landgraaf
Every day our reporters for Route Regio visit special places, stories and people in our province. Bas van Mulken, for example, went to Landgraaf today.
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