KV Oostende plays its home games this season in the Diaz Arena


After a dispute with sponsor Versluys, the stadium of KV Oostende was no longer called the Versluys Arena. The new name of the stadium was presented on Friday. It is named after Diaz, the company of Frank Dierckens, the chairman of the Coastal Team.

“It is overarm between Ostend and Bouwgroep Versluys, letters Versluys Arena are removed from the stadium.” You could read that on 3 June on Voetbalkrant.com. The construction company had then personally collected those letters from the stadium.

Now there are new letters on the football arena of the Coast Team, which will be known as the ‘Diaz Arena’ next season. “KVO reached a one-season agreement with the company of chairman Frank Dierckens about this”, it was said on the Ostend website.

“Until last season we had a commercial agreement with Diaz with Club Brugge, but it has ended and now we fully opt for KVO,” said Frank Dierckens on kvo.be.


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