KNVB responds to Ajax news: ‘Exactly why we want to test’


It is not yet mandatory, but the KNVB advises clubs to regularly test for the corona virus. The football association informs VoetbalPrimeur about this. Any mouth mask obligation is up to the local authorities.

The KNVB responds to this week’s news that thirteen people within Ajax have been infected with the corona virus. They all had no complaints. “The chance of infection cannot be ruled out anywhere, not even in football, and we know that corona can be accompanied by few or no complaints,” a spokesperson said on this website. “That is exactly why we want to test and this is currently also being laid down in accordance with regulations.”

Players, staff and referees from the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Division are required to be tested for the corona virus from two weeks before the start of the competition. The corona protocols then remain in effect throughout the season. Before then, so in the preparation phase, the responsibility lies with the clubs themselves.

“The protocols are sufficient when it comes to limiting contamination,” says the KNVB. ‘We already advise clubs to test, but this will become mandatory two weeks before the start of the competition. We do this to get an impression beforehand, so that we prevent possible outbreaks shortly before the start of the competition. ‘

The government currently does not yet require testing and wearing a mouth mask is not mandatory. ‘As an employer, the clubs are responsible for the organization of medical care within the club. During the competition, the KNVB’s role as organizer is more prominent. The KNVB, in consultation with the clubs, has decided to test during the competition. Furthermore, a mouth mask is an obligation to the (local) authorities. ‘

The Kitchen Champion Division starts on Friday, August 28 and the Eredivisie on Saturday, September 12.

(Hein Nooijens / VoetbalPrimeur)


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