KNGU withheld report on gymnastics abuses from 2015


The KNGU gymnastics club deliberately withheld a report on mental and physical abuse in gymnastics from 2015. That confirms a spokesman Wednesday after reports from de Volkskrant. The report was commissioned by the KNGU, partly as a result of the book Unfree exercise from 2013, in which former gymnasts Simone Heitinga and Stasja Köhler write about the behavior of trainer Gerrit Beltman. Based on 36 interviews with those involved, three researchers described the diseased relationships in sport.

The KNGU board has chosen not to publish the results of the report, but says in a statement that it has used it to implement improvements. It is not known which improvements are involved. One of the researchers says against de Volkskrant that they have been asked not to release the document. The research under the name Turn-weeds, cut but not weeded is cited in various scientific studies concerning abuses in gymnastics and other sports.

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One of the researchers wrote on Monday Twitter all that she thought it was ‘bitter’ that the investigation ‘disappeared into the drawer’. The researchers would like to enter into a dialogue with the gymnastics federation, to which the KNGU would have reacted negatively. According to the gymnastics association, talks have indeed been held and talks will be held again this month.

Two weeks ago, the gymnastics association said to have an independent investigation conducted into cross-border behavior in gym sport in the Netherlands. Shortly afterwards, a confession about mistreatment of gymnasts from trainer Beltman led into the Noordhollands Dagblad to a wave of accusations about gymnastics abuses. Trainers Gerben Wiersma and Vincent Wevers, among others, of the national gymnastics selection were put on hold after they were admitted by former gymnast Joy Goedkoop in Studio Sport were accused of transgressive behavior. The top sports program in women’s gymnastics was also stopped.


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