KLM: agreed wage increase will not take place


The workforce would improve by 2.5 percent this month, as agreed last year. At that time, KLM was still doing well. However, due to the corona crisis, the airline is currently on a state infusion, which means that it cannot bear the 50 million euros in extra wage costs.

“KLM has previously made an urgent appeal to the unions to postpone the agreed wage increase and to have it part of the discussions about the total package of reduction of the working conditions. That package should be completed by October. However, the unions were unable (unconditionally) to agree to postponement of the wage increase. That is why KLM has no choice but to take this unilateral decision, ”the company said in a response.

Not justifiable
Such a wage increase would be inappropriate at this time, now that the company is kept afloat with EUR 3.4 billion in loans and guarantees from the Dutch government (and thus by the taxpayer, ed.) Plus many millions of NOW subsidies. “An increase is not socially, financially not possible, and because of the ongoing discussions about the interpretation of the government conditions for the loans, not.”

KLM has so far consulted fruitlessly with the unions about the postponement (and therefore no cancellation, ed.) Of the planned wage increase. Of the eight unions, four were vehemently against this, three only wanted to agree if everyone would participate and one did not come to an agreement with their own supporters. Because everyone kept pointing at each other, KLM was forced to take matters into its own hands.

“It is highly unusual to do this without mutual agreement, but it is our task and responsibility to ensure that KLM survives this crisis and that the future is there (anyway)”, KLM CEO Pieter Elbers wrote in an explanation to the report. staff. “Earlier I also mentioned that the road to recovery will be long, difficult and uncertain. Not a matter of months, but of years! And therefore, frankly, even after this step, significantly more will be needed to get through this crisis. with each other.”


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