“King Felipe wants his father to leave Zarzuela Palace” | Royals


Every day there are new revelations about the accounts of his father’s emeritus king Juan Carlos (82) and because it lives at the same address as Felipe, it is also constantly involved in the scandal. When Juan Carlos is forced to leave Zarzuela Palace, where he has lived since 1975, that association is less.

The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez Felipe has expressed support for every decision he makes. At the same time, coalition partner Podemos has been asked to moderate the criticism of the royal family and Juan Carlos. Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias sees the opportunity, however, not only to question the behavior of the former head of state but also to open a debate on the usefulness, necessity and desirability of the monarchy.

The Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.

The Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.

In mid-July, the first reports surfaced that Felipe had to make the choice within a week, but to date he has not yet officially rejected his father.

Felipe has to consider which decision will damage him the least and how to appropriately show his father the door. He must immediately take into account that there will be a discussion about where Juan Carlos should live and that it will entail additional security costs. According to OK Diary there is actually no suitable time, but the king cannot wait too long.

On Monday, the media again reported on the hidden cash flows, secret bank accounts, and transactions involving Juan Carlos.


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