Kim and Kenya went on a secret vacation


The relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kenya West has been dizzying since the controversial statements Kenya made. After Kenya’s harsh accusations against his wife, a tear-jerking conversation and the continuation of life apart – new paparazzi photos reveal that the family went on a joint vacation in an attempt to rebuild the relationship

In recent weeks Kenya West has been keeping sleep out of the eyes of his wife and mother of children – Kim Kardashian. After saying he “almost killed” his daughter, attacking Kim and her family in a scathing tweet and even accusing her of treason – Kim arrived in Wyoming, the country where Kenya is worth, and the two were documented in the middle of a tear-jerking conversation.

Since then the star has managed to return to Los Angeles alone and even broadcast back to routine – in which Kenya is not a part, but now new paparazzi photos and reports from acquaintances reveal sacks and Kenya have not completely given up – and they went with their four children on a last-minute vacation to an unknown destination .

Insiders told TMZ that Kim took off with her private jet from Los Angeles, and hours later Kenya and the couple’s four-year-old son were seen sneaking onto the plane. Apparently Saint would not have flown alone to Wyoming and it is likely that all the family members were on the luxury flight, which takes place, according to insiders, as a last resort for the two’s cross-country relationship. What is our dream? Be a fly on the window on this tense flight.


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