Kieft doubts Aké’s width reinforcement for City: ‘Cheeky from Guardiola’


Wim Kieft has his reservations about the transfer from Nathan Aké to Manchester City for several reasons. The Orange international is about to exchange Bournemouth for about 45 million euros for the team of manager Pep Guardiola.

Kieft points out that Aké is not used to playing with forty meters of space in his back. “It is cheeky on Guardiola’s side for him to take him. But Aké will also discover that it is a job to play there and that he will also have the biggest problems, ‘says the former striker in his column. The Telegraph.

“He can play a nice ball and has eight years of experience in England,” Kieft continues about Aké. “They will have bought him on his defensive qualities, although he is strongest when he plays around sixteen meters and that happens less often at City. I sometimes find him a bit wild. ”

Nevertheless, his top transfer is great for Aké, says Kieft. “It will be a concern if he is considered a reinforcement for the width. He draws and will earn a huge salary for five years and he will end up in a great selection. ”

In general, Kieft does have doubts about the transfer. City has just escaped a European suspension and is now paying 45 million for a player they don’t even know is going to sue. They just go on happily and then you see the power of capital. “


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