Kevin Durant defends Kyrie Irving


KD participated in the podcast and was asked to give his prediction for the upcoming playoffs. “If I could choose, I would go for a final between the Clippers and Milwaukee,” Durant said. “I also think the Clippers will win. She’s so deep and quality with Paul George and Kwai on the wings. Enough, they also have the two biggest scorers off the bench “(Montreux Earl and Lou Williams).

On the fact that teammate Kyrie Irving led the protest against the return of the league: “The truth sometimes hurts people. When you tell the painful truth, especially in this society, people frown. Kyrie puts the truth in our face, it can not be wrapped in sugar. He is not. “He was the only one who had no problem with the way things were going in the bubble. Everyone has a problem with that, but Kyrie has more than anyone and it sells newspapers.”

Durant continued the attack: “During this period, especially during the epidemic, no one makes money, so this is a good opportunity to get cheap clicks and use Kyrie. But the 80, 90 players had the questions he asked.”

As you may recall, Kyrie was marked as the leader of the players who opposed the return of the league and received a lot of criticism for it. He even announced that he intends to donate $ 1.5 million to WNBA players who do not intend to take part in the upcoming season, whether due to fears of the Corona virus in it due to taking a stand in the social struggle taking place in the United States.


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