Katzenelson Against Amsalem’s Boycott Call: “Strengthens Big Business Owners” Here in the south


Posted on: 2.8.20 11:16

By: Dor Gafni

Last night, the acting mayor of Ashdod, Avi Amsalem, issued a call not to buy at the Big Fashion complex in the city. This, following the statements of the center’s management and the Big Network against ultra-Orthodox coercion.

Big decided to open the business despite the government’s decision not to allow it to open on Saturday, allegedly due to the Corona crisis, and claimed that it was in fact not the Corona but an ultra-Orthodox coercion in their words.

Big Fashion Ashdod on Election Day 2019. Photo: Pavel

Amsalem reacted sharply and addressed Twitter to the residents of Ashdod: “Calls on you to support and encourage small businesses within (the city), and not to buy Big Fashion, which has fallen on its banner of hatred, division and incitement.”

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In response, Deputy Mayor Shimon Katzenelson said today that a boycott is not the way: “I am sorry to hear the words of Deputy and Acting Mayor Mr. Avi Amsalem who is calling for a boycott of Big Fashion.”

Amsalem's tweet on Twitter

Amsalem’s tweet on Twitter

“I believe,” Katzenelson adds, “that there is no place for public representatives to call for a boycott, certainly not during the Corona period. A period so sensitive and difficult for business owners. During this period we need free love, not free hatred. I want to strengthen business owners in the Big Fashion complex and Ashdod “It is all in the hope that the routine will return soon and we will all get through the corona crisis. We will continue to work for businesses in Ashdod while maintaining public health and the well – being of the residents.”

At the end of the week, The Marker published the words of the CEO of the Big Chai Gallis chain: “Deri told me that he would vote against opening malls – until there is a purple mark for prayer houses.”

About two weeks ago the weekend restrictions came into force which start from Friday at 17:00 and end on Sundays at 5:00 in the morning. They include the closure of shopping malls, shops, pools, living areas, museums and tourist attractions.


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