Kanye West presents presidential plans | Entertainment


Entirely in style, the points of the believer become Kanye supplemented by Bible verses. Religion is also a theme on the rapper’s agenda. For example, he wants “constitutional commitment to freedom of religion and the free exercise of one’s faith,” he says, that would be achieved by being allowed to pray in class.

Kanye also wants more attention to creativity and art. He also believes that the police and the US legal system need to be tackled so that there is no more unequal treatment based on ‘race, color or ethnicity’.

Bipolar disorder

However, the chance that the rapper will become America’s next president seems nil. Kanye has already missed important deadlines to get on the ballots of several states. Opinion polls also show that the rapper could only count on a few percent of the votes.

Kanye announced last month that he would stand for election. Still, the rapper, who suffers from bipolar disorder, dominated the news mainly because of his confused behavior. At his first campaign meeting, he tearfully announced that he would one day have one of his children aborted and he ranted on Twitter, including about his wife. Kim Kardashian.


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