KamHada will begin experimenting with recovering antibodies to treat corona patients


Company Kamhada Reported today (Monday) the recruitment of the first patient for its trial, which will examine the possibility of treating corona using antibodies produced from coronary hemorrhage recoverers (Covid-19). To date, the product has only been tried in one case of compassionate treatment, and in this case the treatment did not lead to saving the patient’s life, but now the company is launching an official trial.

The participants in the present study are in a milder condition than the patient treated as part of the compassionate treatment, all of whom are hospitalized with pneumonia but are not breathing. The company intends to recruit 12 patients, with the first phase examining only the safety of the product and its patterns of spread in the body and its evacuation from the body. The company hopes to see signs of efficacy for the product, ie a difference between the patients’ condition and the condition that was predicted for them without the treatment, but this is not the official goal of the experiment, nor does it have a control group, so patients can be compared under the same conditions Patient follow-up will last 84 days.

During the current quarter, that is, until the end of September, the company is planning a meeting with the FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to plan a follow-up trial for the product, during 2021.

In parallel with the current trial, KamaDa will conduct an experiment using antibodies as a preventative treatment for healthy volunteers who are at risk. It is estimated that the antibodies can be used as a kind of passive vaccine against the disease.

Kamhada’s antibody product for the treatment of corona, developed under the framework of an international cooperation agreement signed in April 2020 between Kamhada and Kadrion Biopharma for the development, production and distribution of plasma-based antibody (IgG) as a potential treatment for corona disease (COVID-19).

Since the beginning of the year, Kamhada has risen 25% and the company is trading at a value of $ 396 million (on NASDAQ and Tel Aviv). The increases were mainly due to the company’s plans in the Corona field. It is still possible to know whether the line 9 Rona affected the demand for its other products, a product for the treatment of hereditary emphysema and a passive vaccine for rabies, marketed in the US by Cadrion, which is also a partner in the Corona product.

Five Israeli companies are in the process of undergoing clinical trials of Corona drugs

Apart from Kamhada, a number of other companies on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are working on developments in the field of the corona. Redhill is conducting an initial trial (Phase IIa) in the US of the drug Corona, and has previously announced that it will also conduct the trial in Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom, and is awaiting the response of authorities in other countries. The activity of the virus in the body), and anti-inflammatory (ie can prevent excessive activity of the immune system). The product has beneficial activity in the field of corona.

The trial conducted by Redhill in the US is in 40 patients, and is not intended to show the product’s effectiveness statistically, but mainly to test safety and get hints of possible efficacy. Nevertheless, Redhill hopes that if the trial meets its goals successfully and in time, it will be able to obtain marketing approval The international trial (Russia, Israel, Mexico, etc.) will have 270 patients, and is expected to end later. The sample group in this trial may already be large enough to statistically clearly Product efficiency.

Stock Redhill Has risen 45% since the beginning of the year, mainly due to the development to Corona, and the company is traded at a value of $ 208 million. Redhill launched in March 2020 its flagship product for the treatment of the H. bacterium. Pylori, for the prevention of ulcers and gastric cancer. Also in this case, it will be interesting to follow the launch that took place mainly at the height of the Corona period, when the company will publish its second quarter reports.

Company Floristem Phase II is the two clinical trials in its product designed to monitor the activity of the immune system, when it is the main cause of injury to severe corona patients. The product is being tested in the United States in 140 patients, and the company is currently expanding it to other countries. The share of Floristem has risen 185% since the beginning of the year, when if its product to Corona hits the market, it will be its first product. Received a $ 54 million grant and also raised capital based on its Corona development plan.

Annalbex also announced today the first injection of the drug as part of its trial in severe corona patients, whose immune systems are rampant. The Enlebex product is designed to stop the “cytokine storm” that occurs when the immune system responds too strongly, and can kill the patient. Enlebex is one of the only companies developing drugs for Corona, whose shares have fallen since the beginning of the year, by 37%, partly due to the capital raising it made shortly after announcing its intention to enter the field. Today, the company is traded at a value of about $ 71 million.

Yes Fight plans to soon enter a Phase II trial (efficacy trial) in its anti-inflammatory product. This company has also lost 32% of its value since the beginning of the year. Today it is traded at a value of $ 33 million.

In addition to the companies listed on the stock exchange, two other factors in the country are working on vaccines for Corona – the Biological Institute in Ness Ziona and the company MiVax, which was established on the basis of a vaccine developed at the Miguel Research Institute in the Galilee. The Biological Institute’s vaccine is expected to enter its first clinical trials after the Tishrei holidays.


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