Justice overloaded with corona offenders: 95,000 files and 4,500 lawsuits, “We were not prepared for this”


The Board of Procurators General guides the public prosecutor’s offices in these difficult times. They send out guidelines that determine how the corona files should be handled. The guidelines follow each other in rapid succession, just like the corona measures themselves. The most recent guidelines date from yesterday and can be found here. Can justice, which is not immediately known for its speed, still follow? “I’ll be honest, there are some troubling calls from public prosecutors wondering how much longer we can keep this up,” said Dernicourt. “Ultimately, the number of files was manageable. But we did not expect to see a second wave so early. As a result, very soon after the reins were released, local authorities intervened again. Rightly so, but with the As a result, sanctions have been intensified again in recent weeks. Because, as always, not everyone adheres to the rules. ” According to Dernicourt, the board will soon request extra administrative support from the government to be able to handle everything.


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