Just Wellness director embezzled million, customers can whistle for money


Just Wellness left thousands of customers penniless this winter. The beauty chain with several branches, mainly in Noord-Brabant, had already collected the money from them for treatments. But because of the bankruptcy, they never materialized.


Curator Flip Schreurs informs RTL Z that he cannot imagine that these victims will see anything of their money back. The debts with, among others, the tax authorities are too high for that. The customers, mainly women who wanted to undergo laser treatment, must join the back.

The settlement of the bankruptcy is more difficult than expected due to fraud. In the latest curatorial report, which was published earlier this week and was picked up by Brabant media, explains how things could have gone so wrong at Just Wellness.

Cash funneled away

For example, it appears to have been fraudulent with cash payments from customers. Between 10 and 15 percent of sales came in cash. This concerns an amount of approximately 1.4 million euros.

Rather than taking this money to the bank, it was largely kept at the headquarters. Then it was darkened. The curator estimates that at least one million euros has been diverted. It turned out that the money had been used to buy cars for private use.

And there was even more tampering around the bankruptcy. For example, treatment equipment was sold, but the money did not end up with Just Wellness.

Bankruptcy detention

Lenferink, who has since been declared bankrupt as a private person, denies that the embezzlement has happened and refuses to cooperate with the investigation. He also does not want to repay the money. That’s why he was arrested a month ago. It concerns bankruptcy detention, Schreurs explains.

Just Wellness had seven locations. Only a branch in Eindhoven has restarted.


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