Just under two hours, Ronnie O’Sullivan has no more time …


Ronnie O’Sullivan (WS-6) has qualified for the eighth finals of the Snooker World Championship at The Crucible in Sheffield. The 44-year-old Englishman defeated Thai Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (WS-20) 10-1 in a game that ranks as the fastest in World Cup history.

After 1 hour and 48 minutes, the game between the world’s two fastest players ended. The previous record was held by Shaun Murphy (WS-10), who took home Chinese Luo Honghao (WS-64) 10-0 in 2 hours and 29 minutes last year.

On Sunday, O’Sullivan had already built an 8-1 lead. On Monday, Un-Nooh had chances in both frames, but he always made mistakes. O’Sullivan punished it with breaks of 96, 41 and 48. On Sunday he had already recorded 101, 85, 115, 74, 88, 76 and 65. “The Rocket” ended with a shot average of 14.0 seconds, “Thai Rocket” Un-Nooh was also pretty fast at 18.6. The average snooker player takes about 23.5 seconds per shot.

“Un Nooh made some mistakes. He missed some balls that he would normally never miss. It proves that even without an audience, this place does something to you, ”O’Sullivan said. Although “The Rocket” is the crowd favorite and entertainer par excellence, he does enjoy the tranquility of the “Theater of Dreams”. “It takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. I don’t have to meet the expectations of the audience, it gives me a bit of a holiday feeling. ”

In the eighth finals (best of 25) a clash follows with the Chinese Ding Junhui (WS-11), who O’Sullivan already eliminated in The Crucible (13-10 in the quarterfinals) in 2017 and this season with 6- 4 defeated on his way to his third UK title. Nevertheless, O’Sullivan still leads 13-5 in the mutual confrontations. “Thing is one of the toughest opponents you can get,” O’Sullivan said. “He may not be in great shape at the moment, but things can change quickly.”

Ding joined the last sixteen on Saturday by beating Mark King (WS-46) 10-9. He’s up against O’Sullivan the following weekend. The first session is scheduled Friday evening, the second Saturday afternoon and the last Sunday evening.

O’Sullivan already had a few speed record in The Crucible. In 1996 he played the fastest game to a best of 25 frames. Then he beat the Maltese Tony Drago 13-4 in 2 hours and 47 minutes. His most imaginative speed record dates back to the 1997 World Cup, when he took just five minutes and eight seconds for a 147 maximum break. (belga)


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