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After 23 goals in two seasons at Leumit, it was clear to everyone that William Agada (20) will play in the Premier League this season. Hapoel Katamon agreed with Maccabi Haifa, the striker underwent medical tests, but did not want to go on loan. Hapoel Haifa coach Haim Sylves jumped on the bargain, called, explained that he was building on him as a leading striker and thus the deal was made and Agada came to Kiryat Haim for one season with a purchase option.

Next season will be Agada’s first in the Premier League, but not in Israel. He landed three years ago in Israel directly for Katamon’s youth and was the first foreigner of the fan group, who would come to see the miracle dismantle the league. The first coach to see him, Gadi Carmeli, Did not need much time to be impressed: “A great actor has arrived, monster.”

With the graduates he started training already at the age of 17. Lior Zeda, His first coach after rising from youth: “He did not impress at first. After a month and a half, there was a first youth training game against seniors. First time we saw him on a big football field. He was excellent. Everyone was surprised. We could not attach him to seniors, we were Closed with three strangers. “

Very quickly, Maccabi Tel Aviv recognized the potential and added it to its ranks. He also impressed in the media, but due to the fair play laws it was decided not to exercise the option on him and he returned to Katamon. The club from the capital says that the transition to the Yellows did not go smoothly. Professional manager Shai Aharon and CEO Uri Shretzky summoned the striker for a conversation that almost ended in an explosion. Agada did not want to leave and was close to crying, he wanted to stay in Katamon and thought he was being given up. In Katamon they considered dropping the deal, but in the end he was convinced.

After half a season at Maccabi Tel Aviv, he returned to Katamon, and this time to the seniors. “We built the team on him,” said Zeda, “he made a tremendous first round until the injury. We were six points from second place. He had surgery and with the return the momentum stopped. If Agada had not been injured, I have no doubt we would have been promoted to the league. We tried to cover the injury. His with the addition of Eran Levy, but that was not it. ”

Agada joined Katamon’s management and was a crowd favorite. His somersaults excited him and made him a sought-after character in the videos. Every Friday he was invited to dinner at one other fan’s along with his dance partner in the locker room Adley Edbayo. At Hapoel Haifa, he will have to find a new partner.

Zada tries to analyze how he will fit into the Premier League: “I have no doubt he will succeed, he works all the time. He needs a hug and confidence all the time. He is strong, an iron body, a great back guard, a great exit. He is very technical and a striker, he deserves “In many situations. However, he is still a young player and if he suffers from a drought, he loses confidence. With experience and age it will balance out. He is comfortable playing as a 9-man striker with two wingers, he has movements in depth, he knows how to move.”

The Ramat Hasharon coach in the coming season supports the striker’s move to choose the red side of Haifa: “I can understand his move, he likes to feel at home. He cried when he left Katamon for Maccabi Tel Aviv, in Katamon he felt safe. He wants to feel built on. ”

The professional manager Shai Aharon Confident in his chances of succeeding in the Premier League: “Professionally, he can flourish in the Premier League, his strength in the last third. Once spaces are vacated, it is much easier for him and certainly if there are good morals. The dressing. “

Agada was a protégé of Aaron, one of the greatest pioneers of Hapoel Jerusalem of all time: “We had good communication, because he is a pioneer. I gave him tips. He is very intelligent, very connected to the family in Nigeria. The most significant characteristic is that from the first moment we wrapped him in personal and professional content. “In the first two years we did not bring in foreigners, they asked me why. I explained that without a scouting system and a system that knows how to accept foreigners, then I do not bring.”

Of course the obvious comparison is to Igbini Yaakovu, who came from the Premier League to the Premier League, but Zada ​​cools: “Yaakovu is better quality, I do not think Agada’s career will go in this direction. He is a striker who can reach the big teams in Israel and not the first league in England. “His choice was right.”

The standards in Katamon are similar to the big clubs in the country and Agada is just the first swallow. The striker’s agent, Adv. Shachar Greenberg, explained: “The modest team from the national team is inspiring when it comes to absorbing foreigners at the club. “The warmth, family, professional and correct manner in which Katamon conducts itself can only be an example of quite a few teams in the Premier League, including the biggest ones, when it comes to caring for and absorbing foreign players.”


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