Julie Allemand now also impresses in WNBA: “She’s an incredible workhorse” | WNBA


Julie Allemand (24) has impressed in her first WNBA games of the season. With her well-known flair she conducts her team Indiana Fever, while she can also individually submit a nice report. Dominic Rossi, Allemand’s personal coach for many years, is not surprised that the Belgian Cat has digested the switch to the WNBA so quickly. “It was the right time,” Rossi tells Sporza.

“I have been working with Julie Allemand for almost 7 years, since she was 17. During an internship of a few days I immediately saw her enormous potential. Since then we have continued to work together. In the summer we train almost daily. Over the years we have had a Building a relationship of trust “, says Dominic Rossi, who as a personal coach also works with other Belgian Cats such as Antonia Delaere, Heleen Nauwelaers, Serena-Lynn Geldof and Ann Wauters.

Rossi has high praise for Allemand’s work ethic. “Julie is an incredible workhorse. On free moments she comes here to work on her game, instead of taking a day off. With that she makes the difference between top and absolute top. She is a top professional.”

“She is not afraid to make herself vulnerable: she knows she still has a lot to learn. During the lockdown in France she called me to say that from then on she would only speak English, also at home. In the meantime. her English in interviews is incredible, which is typical of her: she wants to improve in everything. ”

During the lockdown, she called me to say she would only speak English. Now her English is incredible. That is typical of Julie: she wants to get better at everything.

Dominic Rossi

“She makes other players better”

“Her greatest quality? Julie mainly has to rely on her rhythm and her vista. She can change tempo very well within a match and she is very good at seeing and playing the free man”, says Dominic Rossi.

“When she comes on the field and you see those gears in her first actions, then you know that it’s all right. For Julie that is very important. She really wants to give that rhythm to the team and keep the team running. the other 4 players on the field better. That is where her strength lies. She is a real leader on the field. ”

“I sometimes hear her say that she should score more. That is a facet of her game that has to grow. She knows that herself and that will come even more over the years, I am convinced. But you can don’t force it, otherwise you will work against her. ”

“The right moment for WNBA”

In her first 4 WNBA games, Julie Allemand equaled the Indiana assis record and almost recorded a triple-double. Dominic Rossi is not surprised. “This was the right time for her to take the step to the WNBA”, it sounds.

“She chooses projects, things have to be right for her. She also has a very good relationship with the coach, who is like a second mother to her. That involvement was created even before she was in the US. contact with the team and Julie needs that to feel good. ”

“When you see her play now, you also notice that it is the same Julie we already know. Nothing has changed in her game. She plays no differently than in Europe. She plays her own game and she has kept her rhythm. her strength. ”

Julie plays no differently in the WNBA than in Europe. She plays her own game and she has kept her rhythm. That is its strength.

Dominic Rossi

A Belgian game in the US: Julie Allemand vs. Emma Meesseman.

“Julie is there to lead her team”

Allemand is currently benefiting from the absence of All-Star Erica Wheeler, who is recovering from a Covid 19 infection. “I don’t expect problems when Wheeler returns,” said Rossi. “Julie will handle that very professionally. She has already proven her identity on the field.”

“Julie is also not starting a game to score 20 points. She’s there to lead her team, that’s her strength. She’s a team leader and those other aspects of her game, like scoring, will get even better.”

What are those aspects then? “For example, having the confidence to attack the free space or decide more quickly to score, also from behind the three-point line. Those things are all there, but still need to come out. The WNBA will help and stimulate her in this too. ”


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