Juan Carlos’s presumed Ghent daughter sees the chance of a process shrinking, now that the ex-king no longer lives in Spain


Nevertheless, Ingrid Sartiau does not give up: “I stopped fighting for four years because I suffered a lot. I was struggling with depression and feelings of anger. But the victory of Delphine Boël has made me think again. If she could compel a DNA test, why not me? ”

Sartiau claims to have collected additional evidence. “My mother unfortunately died 18 months ago, but in the meantime some things have become clearer. I want to use it in the new lawsuit. ”

The new file is almost complete. But just now Juan Carlos is moving abroad. “I have no idea at the moment whether this will complicate matters,” Sartiau continues. “I have my counsel review this. Still, I am convinced that it will work this time. ”

Listen to the full conversation with Ingrid Sartiau on Radio 2 East Flanders here:


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