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Journalist at the True Time, Naomi Hoever, is not pleased with the way her, now former GP of her children, Jane Harkisoen, treated her. On this basis, she has filed an official complaint with the Medical Disciplinary Court against Harkisoen for unprofessional treatment. Hoever informs Suriname Herald that when the doctor saw her and without having listened to her carefully, she assumed that she did not understand Dutch.

“That doctor thinks that everyone who is dark does not understand Dutch,” notes Hoever. For her daughter, who urgently needed treatment by a psychiatrist due to severe depression and confusion, Hoever asked on August 4 by telephone to the assistant of doctor Harkisoen, whose outpatient clinic is located at Indira Gandhiweg, for a letter of guarantee.

Hoever went to the outpatient clinic on 6 August in the morning to collect the guarantee letter. When she was in the yard of the outpatient clinic, she saw the assistant walking into the building through the open door from a distance of ten to fifteen meters. Hoar called out to her and indicated who she is and why she was there.

The assistant called from the building to her with the guarantee letter in hand: “You are not wearing nose and mouth protection”. How far responded that she was not in the building and at a safe distance from the assistant and urgently needed the letter of guarantee. The assistant then walked into the doctor’s office.

Hoever indicates that the doctor in turn treated her from the building in a very derogatory and discriminatory manner, against her oath of office, by using the following words, among other things: “You behave like an idiot. If you don’t understand Dutch mi sa taki ini Sranantongo. Yu o infected after presi dya and mi o abi fu disinfected a presi. ” She added – also in Sranan – that she would not hand over the warranty letter to me, but would put it on the roof of the car and that Ho far would have to take it there.

“I wasn’t prepared to be insulted and discriminated like that,” says Hoever. She told the doctor that she could keep the guarantee letter. Hoever emphatically told the doctor that she would file a complaint against her because of the humiliating treatment. Her response was that I can go wherever I want to file a complaint. “All right, but you don’t know who has you,” was Hoever’s answer to the doctor.

The journalist then turned around without a letter of guarantee. Hoever points out emphatically that all this took place between the doctor, the assistant and her and that she did not pose any (health) risk to anyone. In the meantime, the condition of her child in the car deteriorated.

She then quickly made contact with a doctor in the same environment where her children were previously enrolled. She asked her for proof to change her doctor. Hoever also received the letter of guarantee and went to the insurance company to arrange this further. When she arrived there she was told that Harkisoen had already called that she is no longer the doctor of her two children.

“How dare someone who has taken an oath of office to render aid to the sick person at all times to behave in this way! What a doctor! ”, Says Hoever. Referring to the above, she wonders whether this is the way a GP treats a patient. Is it good for a doctor to call her patient an idiot, and for what reason did she do that? asks Hoever.

Hoever has sent a copy of her complaint to the Association of Medici in Suriname, the Ministry of Health and the standing committee of Public Health of the National Assembly.

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