Josje Huisman calls for a revolution in Antwerp


Former K3 singer Josje Huisman (34) is calling on Antwerpers via social media to not follow the corona measures. She asks them to resist and follow the German example, where thousands of people took to the streets in Berlin a few days ago without a mask or social distancing to protest against the imposed measures.
Josje Huisman shared this photo on Instagram
Photo: Instagram

“A curfew. Mandatory mouth masks. Tell your neighbors on the advice of the police… In Germany they know that things are not going that way. When do we get up in Antwerp ”, Huisman writes on Instagram with a photo of the demonstrations in Berlin. On Saturday, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of the German capital to protest against the corona measures imposed by the government. According to the singer, it is time that people from Antwerp follow this example.

Huisman received critical acclaim from many for being “one of the few celebrities to finally open her mouth”, but also received criticism from various quarters. “Go and work in the Covid department before protesting against the measures,” someone wrote to an earlier Instagram post. Others write that they hope that the singer herself becomes infected and can stay on intensive for weeks. Josje Huisman replied with an Instagram story that “what seems logical to one person, may not make much sense to others.” I understand that it is a bit strange if someone does not agree with it completely “, she said on Instagram on Tuesday.


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