Jonkies FC Groningen with large numbers past FC Emmen


At FC Groningen goalkeeper Jan Hoekstra started in the base at the expense of Sergio Padt. The permanent closing post of the Trots van het Noorden, which in recent weeks has been associated with a departure to FC Emmen, was also not included in the selection.

Patrick Joosten, Ramon Pascal Lundqvist, Gabriel Gudmundsson and Arjen Robben had not traveled to De Oude Meerdijk either. Joosten arrived in Groningen with an injury and it is expected that he will only be able to join the group training in about three weeks. Lundqvist is struggling with ankle complaints and Gudmundsson was excluded from the selection as a precaution. Robben will most likely make his first minutes in the exhibition game against PEC Zwolle next Friday.

Former FC Groningen players Keziah Veendorp, Simon Tibbling, Hilal Ben Moussa and Michael de Leeuw started in the base at Dick Lukkien’s FC Emmen.


FC Groningen started the match reasonably with a possibility for Romano Postema. However, the eighteen-year-old striker did not get enough power behind the ball on the warm artificial grass, making it an easy prey for Dennis Telgenkamp.

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However, not much happened in the first half, where the players faced tough, hot conditions. The pace was slow, both teams made many mistakes and hardly any opportunities were created. FC Groningen was the parent in the first half, without really playing well.

Wonderful goal Hrustic

FC Groningen took the lead just before half-time thanks to Ajdin Hrustic. The ball came in front of Postema, who was told from the side that he had to make an action, but the striker put the ball to Strunck. The Dane’s cross was taken by Hrustic in one go, so Telgenkamp only heard the ball pass by.

Absalem blunders

However, that lead was not long-lived. Glenn Bijl punished a childish mistake by FC Groningen defender Amir Absalem. The left back, who was rented to Almere City last season, gave the ball on a silver platter to the Emmen defender. Bijl did not fail face to face with goalkeeper Hoekstra and immediately put the home team on the same level again.

After the break, the entire FC Groningen team was replaced by mainly youth players. Bart van Hintum, Tom van de Looi and Ahmed El Messaoudi were the only players at FC Groningen with the necessary experience in the premier league after the break.

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Mohamed El Karbachi

Yet the game image did not tilt much after the break. Emmen should have taken the lead after an hour, but Kolar failed miserably when he appeared in front of Hoekstra. Shortly afterwards, the Trots of the North took the lead again. Glenn Bijl hit the ball wrong with a sliding, the ball came at the feet of Remco Balk, who put it neatly on Mohamed El Karbachi. The winger, who came over from the youth of Feyenoord last year, could easily shoot the ball behind Telgenkamp.

Own goal Emmen

Ten minutes before the end, El Karbachi was again close to a goal after a good attack from the right. However, FC Emmen midfielder Benko Sabani hit the ball completely wrong and shot it in his own goal 1-3.

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A few minutes later it was El Karbachi with his second goal of the match. After a beautiful action by Max Hamelink, El Karbachi could end up on Telgenkamp and sign for the 1-4.

Next Friday FC Groningen will play the next exhibition game of the preparation. PEC Zwolle will then visit its own stadium.

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