John and Juani leave the Spanish village of Polopos | Entertainment


“We are going to leave Polopos,” says Juani On RTL Boulevard. Shortly after the house is finally finished, the couple put it up for sale. “We want to stay in Spain for a second home, but more in nature,” she explains.

However, the two do not regret their participation. “It has had many advantages, but also a disadvantage: we could not choose the place ourselves,” said John.


Five families went on an adventure in the Spanish village a year ago. The family Rutten and the winners Thysa in Wijnand remained quarantined in Polopos according to their vlogs. Christiaan in Kirsten in Mark in Donna stayed in the Netherlands. It is not yet clear whether Christiaan and Kirsten will return, the company Stay inn shape van Mark and Donna in the village is open again for guests.

Although producer BlueCircle had plans to record a new season for The Spanish Village, this could not continue due to the corona crisis.


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