Joaz Handel: Offer me everything, but I will not give a hand to a narrow government – Political and Political News


יועז הנדל

Joaz HandelPhoto: Nati Shohat / Flash90

Communications Minister Yoaz Handel promises that he will not allow Netanyahu to form a narrow right-wing government that will replace the unity government.

“I am opposed to breaking agreements that have been signed, I will not give a hand to a narrow government as I have not given in the past,” Handel said. “No matter what they offer me (and they have already offered me everything). The State of Israel needs a stable government that respects coalition agreements and a budget for more than two months.

“Everything else is irresponsible. In an economic crisis with a million unemployed, the task of the government is to take care of their interest, not the political interest.”

It should be noted that an agenda for the cabinet meeting scheduled for Sunday has not yet been announced. This is in the face of a dispute between Blue and White and the Likud.

The crisis comes three weeks before the deadline that can be approved budget or go to the polls by law.


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