Jason Derulo smashes Will Smith’s teeth with golf club


While it all looks pretty real, it’s a joke. The two men are in a practice room where Jason wants to perfect his golf swing. Will gives the singer some tips on the best posture while hitting and then takes a step back from a safe distance. Then Will realizes that he has forgotten something else. “Don’t hit yet,” he says, leaning forward. But then it is already too late and Jason hits his club backwards, full in the face of Will.

As a result, some of the actor’s front teeth have been ‘knocked out’. “You have to put some ice on that,” says Jason guiltily, before trying to squeeze out. “I have to go somewhere, I’ll be right back.” However, Will disagrees. “Now it’s my turn. I just need a swing, I’ll grab my driver,” he says with a murderous look in his eyes. “We can still talk about it,” Jason asks before Will smashes his golf club into the noble parts of the Savage Love singer.

In a subsequent message, Jason does post a photo of him and Will, including his bicycle rack teeth. “He’s embracing his new smile,” he writes with a wink in the caption.


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