Jared Kushner: “Another country may sign an agreement with Israel” – World News


Jared Kushner, an adviser and son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, hints that it is very possible that the peace agreement with the UAE will lead to another agreement to be signed in the coming days.

“There is a chance that Israel will reach an agreement with another country in the coming days,” Kushner said during a statement issued by the White House, in response to the joint announcement of the Israeli agreement with the Arab state.

Kushner has implicitly hinted that the option of applying sovereignty has been dropped for Americans from the chapter, at least for the foreseeable future.

“The fact that Israel is not taking a provocative step and promoting annexation will help us return to the negotiating table with the Palestinians.”

“I hope that Israel will not move forward with an annexation, but only a full agreement with us. I assume we will discuss this in the future, but at the moment we will only deal with the realization of the new opportunity,” Kushner said.


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