Jansen: ‘Expectation is that Kudus will just be fit enough’


The coming weeks will become important for a number of players within the Ajax selection, as Freek Jansen, Ajax watcher knows on behalf of Football International. A fit Mohammed Kudus has to prove himself when the paperwork is in order, while Zakaria Labyad has to secure his place in the selection.

First of all, Jansen talks about Kudus, the new purchase whose paperwork must be arranged before he can play. The reporter provides an update on his status. ‘I think he’s just fine. In the Danish league they started playing football again after corona. He has participated in another part, only the last part no longer. Then the transfer was already in the making, so they didn’t want to run the risk of him getting injured. The expectation is that he is just fit enough. ‘

Then he goes into Labyad’s situation. Jansen describes him as a friendly, hard-working boy, only important weeks can come. “He belongs to the category of players to whom you have to see in the coming weeks whether they are really coming towards the starting eleven, or whether Ajax should see whether it is better to say goodbye.”

Lisandro Magallán’s future at Ajax is a lot clearer, because it is most likely not there. ‘He can just look forward to another club. Ajax will cooperate immediately. It’s just a bad buy. It took them three transfer periods to get him. It really had to be him, but he just isn’t. ‘

(Photo via: @kudus_mohammed)

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