Jans unpleasant surprise at Twente: “How long was Evert at the club?”


The dismissal of FC Twente head scout Evert Bleuming has surprised head coach Ron Jans. Due to the corona crisis, the club had to decide to fire a number of employees, including Bleuming.

Bleuming had to leave Twente in 2015, returned in 2018, only to be put aside again. Jans did not see it coming, just like technical director Jan Streuer. “I started working immediately after my appointment on 17 June, because there was still something to be done. Every club is different, but the situation I encountered here was also new to me”, Jans says in a large interview with TC. / Tubantia.

“A trainer is always busy, especially in this phase of the preparation, but now I was busy differently. Before we started training I was only a scout for two weeks. We didn’t have many scouts. In fact: we had one, but it was also gone again “, says Jans. “I found that very annoying, because Jan Streuer and I knew nothing about it.”

“I understand that the club had to intervene financially, but one moment you are going through the selection together with Evert Bleuming and the next moment you hear from Evert: I’m out. We were pretty powerless in that, “says Jans.” Was I angry? I did not feel like intervening in the past, I am today and tomorrow. But I sympathized with Evert, because how long has he been with the club? ”


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