Jans raved about the Twente acquisition: ” Hides top scorer in him ”


Alexander Jeremejeff is no stranger to FC Twente coach Ron Jans. The spire is rented for one year with an option to buy. Jans knows the attack leader of his time as technical director at FC Groningen, where he visited a match of BK Häcken.

“I went for a player who did not come in the end,” Jans told Football International. “But my eye also fell on the striker in Gothenburg, which made it very difficult for the opponent. That was Jeremejeff. When you see him you think: typical target man. He can fill in that role, but he is really a good one. footballer. Someone who dives into the holes. ”

Jans continues: “He showed for one season that there is a top scorer in him, that was at Häcken, but if you look further you also see that he delivers as many assists as goals every season. I have a strong feeling that he is in the Dutch competition really comes into its own. “


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