James Murdoch, youngest son of media magnate Rupert Murdoch, leaves company due to “editorial disagreement”


Rupert Murdoch’s empire is the result of a life’s work with many curves. From Australia, Murdoch subsequently also built up massive media concentration in the United Kingdom and the United States, mainly through acquisitions.

In Britain, this includes newspaper titles such as The Times and Sunday Times, as well as the infamous boulevard magazine The Sun (formerly known for bare breasts on page 3). However, the center of gravity has already shifted to the US with the well-known subsidiary Dow Jones, which includes the stock market newspaper The Wall Street Journal, but also the magazine Barron’s. In addition, there is the conservative tabloid The New York Post, the book publisher Harper Collins, but especially the infamous news channel Fox News, which invariably drew the Trump line, at least until recently. Most of the 21st Century Fox movie department was sold to that other Disney group last year.


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