Ivan Leko gambled with Didier Lamkel Zé and it worked out well – Football News


Five days before the cup final Ivan Leko caught the much discussed Didier Lamkel Zé from the B-core. A risk, because the Cameroonian already has a lot to do, but in the final he showed his very best side.

Didier Lamkel Zé performed his defensive duties, had a foot in many counter-attacks and did not unnecessarily claim a leading role. In other words, that was exactly what Ivan Leko wanted to see. After the joy scenes, the Croat explained why he had brought Zé in anyway.

“I wanted to increase our chances of winning.” If you want to be part of the team, you have to work. Otherwise you go home, “I told him. We have put aside all the emotions and the past. His ego problems with me , the players and the staff. Aside. We waited for the training and then chose the best player. No hard feelings, “Leko explained.

Danger to the dressing room

Although he had to admit that it was a risk to take him in. “This could have been a problem for me,” said Leko, who had several scenarios in mind. “You bring it and you lose: then you destroy the dressing room. You don’t bring it and you lose: then you never know how it could have turned out afterwards.”

If Leko hadn’t brought him in and won Antwerp, Lamkel Zé might have lost the B-core. But the plan worked out well. Brought and won, with a good Lamkel Zé. “Now I’m lucky”, he did not put a feather on his own hat.


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