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Antwerp coach Ivan Leko (42) addressed the press on Friday evening at the King Baudouin Stadium. The Croatian expert – he won the cup twice as a player here – spoke about Didier Lamkel Zé, who he included in his selection. “I’m counting on him.”

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“It was a bizarre preparation,” said Leko. “Those extra measures in Antwerp were also added this week. That didn’t make things any easier. But this match is too important to talk about now. I prefer to talk about nice things. Tomorrow we play against the champion, against the biggest club in the country. I am curious about what we are capable of. I am confident that we are going to be good, but whether that will be enough? I would be stupid to say that the odds are fifty fifty. Because then you will say after ten minutes that I know nothing about football. (laugh) It is not fifty fifty, but we are all going to do everything we can to win. ”

Lamkel Zé

All together, that is possible with Miyoshi. “He trained with the group again the last few days, but he is not yet one hundred percent, let’s see.” And that is certainly with Lamkel Zé. The Cameroonian is in the selection and has a chance to play or even start. “I can’t say that now, but Didier is one of us. The past few days he turned out to be in good quality, mentally and physically, so I’m counting on him. It was the decision of all of us to join him for this final. This is a specific goal, and then you have to be able to put all the egos aside. Who has done or will do what in the past, who is good with whom, that does not matter now. We just need to go full throttle for 90 minutes – or 120 minutes. ”

Leko knows what he is talking about, as a player he won two cup finals at the Heysel: one with Club Brugge (2007) and one with Lokeren (2012). “That was great, of course. It also makes me believe that luck can be on my side in such matches. ”

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Haroun: “Don’t talk about one player”

Next to Leko was the captain of Antwerp, and that is still Faris Haroun (34). Because, as his coach just said: “He is the only leader of the team.” For Haroun, it is bizarre enough that it is only the first cup final.

“That’s why, when I look at the rest of my career, I rate this competition very highly. It is a very important match, but it is for all of us. Now that we’re so close to a prize, we want to win it too. We are the underdog again, as we have been the underdog for three years (smiles), but I never start a match with the idea that we are more likely to lose. ”

For a moment, it seemed that Haroun would not get ready for the final in time. But it is there again. “I had a minor injury during the internship and have only been training with the group for a week or two, but with the medical staff and the physical coach I have tried to be as fit as possible. Against Lyon I have been able to participate for thirty minutes and I had no reaction. That was great. ”

So he is just in the team, who knows together with Lamkel Zé. But Haroun preferred to avoid that theme. When asked how the players received him, he replied briefly / not. “Didier is indeed training with us again.” To answer it briefly a question later. “I just don’t want to talk about one player. The final is more important than one player. Who is now part of the group is not important to us. We are here together for one goal and that is to win that match. ”

So take revenge for last year, when Antwerp was eliminated here by AZ. “That was a different context. According to experience, that was top, of course not sporty. But this is something else, this is a cup final. And we’re going to do everything we can to bring that cup home. ”

Ivan Leko about cup final with Lamkel Zé:
Midfielder Faris Haroun and coach Ivan Leko.
Foto: Photo News


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