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The traditional Shabbat reception of Hanan Ben-Ari and his family, which was one of the most comforting and joyful things in Corona, has come to an end. Singer and creator Hanan Ben-Ari announced today (Thursday) that he has officially decided to stop the tradition on Facebook.

Ben-Ari explained that the reason for stopping the beloved tradition is the personal price paid by his family: “The truth is that we planned to return immediately after Tisha B’Av. “Price for exposure and advertising. Of course these are children.”

“My wife and I felt that it was a bit confusing for us at home. All this huge love that you shower on us, here in the comments on Facebook and also in life itself, is a power of emotions that need to develop strong tools in the mind to withstand sanity and healthy and normal childhood.”

This is my beautiful family. Tapa Hamsa ???? In the last month, where we do not go around, we are only asked one question: When will the Banners return…

Posted by Hanan Ben Ari on Hanan Ben Ari on Thursday, August 6, 2020

“We do not regret for a moment!”

Hanan went on to say: “When we started the live show on Friday, five months ago, we thought it was something temporary that would end in a month or two when we returned to perform and dance on the stages in front of a real audience.

We did not imagine that it would become a regular corner every Friday at two, in so many homes in Israel and around the world (Tokyo, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, France and even Morocco ואפילו). We did not think that our children would become famous, that Shir Zion would have to deal with countless requests for selfies in the middle of spending time with friends in the shopping center. We came truly in innocence and out of a desire to do good on the heart. And we do not regret for a moment!

It was an amazing and rare privilege, to be some little ray of light for so many people in a difficult and frustrating time. We are grateful for every moment we sang and laughed and raved with you. But after much deliberation we decided to stop for the moment with the Shabbat receipts. The family and the children first and foremost. “

Hanan concluded and thanked his family: “So allow me on behalf of all of us to say a huge thank you to my children: for the star song-song, which week by week has developed as a singer and performer, and only God knows what she plans for us. Our beloved! You are a rare and stunning flower. Take your time to grow And grow so that in a few years you can bring a great and true light to the world.

Blessings are in charge of morale and vibe, not on your dancing, not on your erupting blonde energy. How talented and smart you are.
To Moshe, our private Mosh Ben Ari 🙂 Thousands of grandmothers around the world want to adopt you as a grandson after showing over-kindness in live shows. Continue to be so sensitive and shy and a hero. Good luck in first grade!

To Miriam, the one and only Marioma, you are like a curious yellow sun and your rolling and contagious laughter illuminates all corners of the house.
To love, sweet sweetheart, who stole the show without words and (almost) without teeth

And a final thank you to my beloved wife, Hadassah. I really no longer have words to describe this woman. A real Wonder Woman. Everything mine is hers.

Our friends, we miss you very much, and it is really difficult for us to stop this beautiful tradition, but we believe that in the long run it will pay off for all of us. “

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