Italy is not eager to organize the World Cup after all


Italy is not eager to organize the World Cup after all

Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 9:09 AM

While the UCI is looking for an alternative location for the UCI Road World Championships, a candidate country seems to be withdrawing from the race. Renato Di Rocco, president of the Italian cycling association and also involved with the UCI, says Italy has no interest in the organization. As a result, all eyes seem to be on France.

After the cancellation of the Swiss regions of Aigle and Martigny, the international cycling union wants to meet the climbers and still offer them a World Cup on hilly or mountainous terrain. There is not much choice in Europe, outside the recognized cycling countries. The UCI wants to have clarity about an alternative World Cup between 20-27 September by 1 September at the latest.

‘New Italian proposal would be inconsistent’
Di Rocco tells Tuttobiciweb that the UCI had to wait for the final decision of the Swiss government. “Previously, the UCI could not make contact with other countries, because Switzerland could then claim image damage,” said Di Rocco. “Now there is two weeks to find a new location, which is similar to the previous route. Riders who have adapted their program to a climbing course must be respected. ”

According to the president of the Italian federation, the UCI has not yet approached him. “To be honest, there are no resources available in any region. You should also remember that Italy had signed up for the 2020 World Cup, but that it had to withdraw due to financial problems. Then Switzerland emerged. A new Italian proposal would therefore go against the grain. That is not consistent and there is no money, ”explains Di Rocco.

‘Time is not in our favor’
Italian national coach Davide Cassani hopes that an alternative will be found soon, although he sees some problems. “Time certainly doesn’t play in our favor,” he believes. “But we have to stay positive and wait for the next messages from the UCI.”

Previously, the Italian region of Trentino already ceded the organization of the European Championship 2020. The European cycling union then fell back to Plouay, where the European titles will be competed from August 24-28.


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