It seems that there will be no majority in favor of an increase clause in the Knesset vote


In addition, Shaked seeks to establish in her proposal that the judicial review of the legislative procedures of ordinary laws will be limited only to situations in which the legislative procedure deviated from legal provisions. Such as laws that were not passed by the required majority or that the necessary readings were not met in the Knesset plenum.

Zohar’s announcement, in contrast to the position of Blue and White, joins other clashes in recent weeks between the Likud and Blue and White. The last of which was around the Conversion Act which aims to ban conversion therapies. Ganz stated that his party would support the law contrary to the government’s position, after a week earlier the Likud supported the proposal to establish a commission of inquiry into the conflicts of interest of the Supreme Court justices, contrary to the blue and white position.

The main issue at the center of the dispute between the parties, and between Netanyahu and Gantz themselves, is the state budget and the inability of the Likud and Blue and White to agree on an agreed outline for stabilizing the government and the economy for the coming months. Netanyahu urges, contrary to his insistence during the coalition negotiations, to pass an annual budget, while Gantz demands to transfer a biennial budget for the years 2020-2021.

Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, said that MK Shaked’s proposal for an overcoming ruling was an initiative for regime change. . “So that in fact the preservation of the freedoms and fundamental rights of all of us will depend solely on the willingness of politicians.” He said, “Elected public figures – certainly MK Bennett who calls for a full national effort to deal with the effects of the Corona crisis – could have been expected to refrain from promoting such a partisan and agitated proposal at this time.”


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