It remained quiet last night in Antwerp after the cup win of Antwerp FC – Football News


The Antwerp fans went through a dark period, but since the promotion to 1A three years ago, the supporters have already experienced good times. On Saturday evening the apotheosis followed with the cup win. First prize in no less than 28 years.

The discharge must have been huge with everything and everyone who has a red heart. However, this has hardly led to incidents in Antwerp. After the game, some fireworks were set off here and there and the police sometimes had to go to a café where, for example, there was a screen on the terrace.

In general, the Antwerp supporters knew how to behave nicely and took the corona measures to heart, to the great satisfaction of the police: “We understand that supporters want to throw a party, but that is simply not possible. Nice to see that many so respect the measures, ”says spokesman Wouter Bruyns in Gazet of Antwerp.


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