Israelis in San Francisco demonstrate against Netanyahu – news in the world


Dozens of Israelis gathered Friday near the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in the United States to demonstrate against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The demonstrators in San Francisco waved black and blue and white flags, and carried signs condemning Netanyahu, in Hebrew and English.

Itai Beck, CEO of a high-tech company and one of the organizers of the demonstration on Friday, told Haaretz that the demonstrators are Israelis living in the United States and Israel. “.

Beck added that he “hopes to continue the demonstrations in the coming weeks, and to see more and more Israelis join the struggle. “We may not be able to do it every week, but we want to do it on a regular basis until Netanyahu disappears.”

Ophir Gottelson, 45, who lives with his family in Palo Alto, traveled more than an hour to join the demonstration. “We are patriotic Israelis who love our country and want to express our support for the patriots who are demonstrating outside the Prime Minister’s House in Jerusalem.”


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