Israeli tourists will be able to visit without the need for isolation


Israel and Greece have agreed that Israeli tourists will be able to visit Greece without having to enter isolation. This was decided today (Wednesday) during a telephone conversation between Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dandias. The Greek minister will visit Israel tomorrow, during which the issue of opening the skies to Israeli tourism will be discussed.

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The exact details are expected by Foreign Ministry representatives to close tomorrow, after which the Corona Cabinet will be required to approve the plan. The Ministers of Transportation, Health, Foreign Affairs and Tourism agreed that tomorrow until 16:00, the countries to which Israelis will be able to fly and return without the need for isolation will be announced. The professional discussions will continue today and tomorrow. At this stage, there are between three and four European countries, some “green” and some “red”. It is not yet clear what the Ministry of Health’s requirements will be for Israelis returning to Israel.

Ynet has learned that due to the pressure exerted on Greece by the EU not to accept tourists from countries defined as red, Greece will be forced to define a number of specific sites as sites that Israeli tourists can reach.

Milos, Greece Photo: Shatterstock

This is one of the issues that is expected to arise tomorrow during the visit, along with the issues that it is important for the Greek minister to raise with his Israeli counterpart – with an emphasis on developments in the region and tensions between Greece and Turkey.

The director general of the Ministry of Transportation, Ofer Malka, said this morning in the Knesset’s Economics Committee that the ministry headed by him has submitted an updated list of countries to the Ministry of Health in order to allow those returning to Israel not to enter isolation.

Apart from “green” countries Malka said that there are also “red” countries with low morbidity. Since then, officials in the Ministry of Transport have refused to specify which countries appear on the list. A discussion on the outline for the opening of the sky on August 16 is currently taking place at the professional levels in the Ministry of Transportation.

It should be noted that even if there is no obligation to isolate Israelis returning from certain countries abroad, most European countries and countries around the world still refuse to admit Israelis due to the high morbidity data. Such as study or business visas.

Israir CEO Uri Sarkis told Ynet that the State of Israel should have opened the sky a long time ago. Although the list of countries compiled by the Ministry of Transportation together with the Ministry of Health has not yet been revealed or approved by the National Security Council : Greece, Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Jordan, Georgia, Hungary, Denmark and Finland.

Today, it should be noted that in addition to the obligation of isolation for Israelis returning to Israel, tourists are prohibited from entering Israel at least until September 1.

In mid-June and against the background of the tourism crisis caused by the Corona plague, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced at the end of a meeting in Jerusalem with his Greek counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotkis that the deadline for resuming tourist flights to Greece and Cyprus is August 1. The known move was not implemented following the second wave of morbidity in Corona in Israel and the EU’s opposition to accepting tourists from Israel.

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