Israeli Pride: Alon Livneh designed 5 locks for Beyonce


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Singer Beyoncé’s musical project Black Is King has been unveiled, with a vocal celebration like the star knows how to give alongside a script that brings African culture to the forefront of the stage. As in the project “The Lion King: The Gift “Once again, fashion plays an essential part in the show and the person who got to take part in the project alongside top designers is the Israeli designer Alon Livne.

Israeli pride

About a month ago, the trailer for the project in which Beyoncé wears a wedding dress designed by Birch was revealed, but now it turns out that Birch has been recruited for a project with a design of more than one dress. According to the global Vogue magazine that paid tribute to Livna with an article on the subject, about two years ago, Beyoncé’s personal stylist Zarina Akers approached Livneh to design for the singer three looks for a secret project. Birch got a general idea and atmosphere with them set out in the costume design a total of five in the film (three for the singer and two more)

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This is a huge honor for the Israeli designer who was chosen for the project, along with well-known names in the fashion world, such as Ricardo Tishi, Barbary’s home designer, Olivia Roasting, Belmain’s creative director, and more.

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