Isaac first basketball player not to kneel since NBA restart


On Friday (local time), Jonathan Isaac was the first NBA basketball player to not kneel while playing the US national anthem since restarting the league. The Orlando Magic attacker, who is black himself, did not wear a T-shirt with the text ‘Black Lives Matter’ on it. He was already wearing his competition shirt, with his number 1 jersey.

“I absolutely believe Black Lives Matter,” said Isaac. “I don’t think kneeling during the national anthem and wearing a T-shirt with that text is necessarily necessary to indicate that you support black people and lives. I felt I had to make this decision. For me, black lives supported by the gospel, all lives are supported by the gospel. ”

Steve Clifford, Orlando Magic coach, said, “That’s a personal decision. We all support each other in this. If guys aren’t comfortable kneeling and wanting to stand, no one has a problem with that. I support him. His teammates support him. The organization supports him. That is part of life in our country. ”



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