Isa Hoes: ‘Maybe I am fit to age alone’ | NOW


Isa Hoes first thought she was not fit to remain single for the rest of her life, but is different now. The 53-year-old actress leaves Saturday at the AD know that she also sees benefits in aging alone.

“Maybe I started a relationship and spend the second half of my life alone,” said Hoes, who has not been in a relationship since the death of husband Antonie Kamerling. She has two children from her marriage: Merlin and Butterfly.

“I’ve been single for ten years now,” Hoes continues. “Is that because I am raising the children now and will I think differently when Vlinder is also out of the house? Who knows. In any case, I don’t tinder. I do have that app on my phone because a friend thought I should do it. ”

Hoes explains how she was encouraged to comment on one of the reactions. “I didn’t feel like it at all,” she explains. “Because I’m known? Maybe, but that could also be an occasion excuse. I just don’t like it. Tinder, I’m not suitable for that.”

“I sometimes see women switching from one man to another,” says Hoes. “Then I think, oh girl, be alone for a moment, that might be good for you. I also had to get used to it, but it is refreshing in a way.”

Hoes married Kamerling in 1997. The actress wrote the fantasy book with daughter Vlinder Engel, which was recently made into a film. Hoes also plays a role in the family film, which has been in theaters since Thursday.


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