iPhone 12 gets magnets for wireless charging


Rumor has it originating by YouTuber Filip Koroy, better known as EverythingApplePro. He has a hit and miss history of predictions, but we hope he’s right this time.

Magnets in iPhone 12 should help with positioning

Users of wireless charging mats for the iPhone may have noticed that their iPhone did not lie properly in the morning. That’s because the iPhone was not properly positioned on the mat. As a result, the coils get too far apart and no power transfer can take place.

To avoid this problem, the Apple Watch has built-in magnets, just like the charger itself. This way the watch clicks into place and you can be sure that it is being charged. Apple is now applying the same idea to the iPhone 12, it is rumored. The magnets are in a circle with about 40 pieces. It is unclear whether large iPhones also get more magnets.

If this actually comes, charging mats should also be fitted with magnets, so you will need to purchase something new.

Official Apple cases also receive magnets

In a subsequent tweet, EverythingApplePro posted photos of the suspected new official Apple cases. In itself that is not surprising, because Apple puts its own protective covers every year. New is that these cases are also provided with a magnetic circle. That makes you think that the magnets in the iPhone will not be very strong and therefore need help as soon as you use a case.

It makes sense that the magnets do not become strong. You do not want your iPhone to stick to anything and everything. Objects in your pocket, such as a debit card, should also not be affected by the magnets. It is also possible that Apple makes the magnets exclusively for certain cases as an extra selling point.

Koroy speaks of magnets ‘for a wireless charger from Apple’, but we are not so sure about that. Earlier rumors this year said that despite the cancellation last year, Apple still wants to release an AirPower charging mat. The number of rumors about this is limited, which makes us suspect that we should not hope too much for the AirPower.

Current wireless chargers for your iPhone are not yet equipped with magnets, but that may change.


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