Investigate the threats in the assassination of Prime Minister Netanyahu


The Movement for Quality of Government today (Thursday) appealed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police to open a criminal investigation in order to reveal who is the person who threatened the assassination of the Prime Minister through a fictitious profile on social media.

The Movement for the Quality of Government stated: “Earlier, Prime Minister Netanyahu posted on his personal Facebook page a response from a profile called Dana Ron, which explicitly threatened the assassination of the prime minister. Apparently in the screenshot, which Dana Ron wrote that” Bibi should only be forcibly removed, Dictators move only with a bullet in the head. “We take these threats very seriously. Whether it is a fictitious profile or a real person, it is an explicit threat to assassinate a prime minister in Israel, and certainly not to be taken lightly. We live in a reality where instincts sometimes mix. The violence that takes place on the keyboard, along with real violence that is sweeping the streets. “Attorney General Mandelblit and Deputy Police Commissioner Cohen take these threats very seriously, and open a criminal investigation that will go to the root of the publication and bring the advertiser to criminal trial.”

The movement also said: “We believe that the ombudsman and the acting commissioner have a clear and immediate duty to open an investigation and locate the author of the statement threatening the assassination of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Due to the existence of highly substantiated evidence, which establishes a reasonable suspicion of the commission of an offense, it is required that the law enforcement authorities open an investigation in order to ascertain the roots of the matter. This duty is sharpened in light of the senior position of Prime Minister Netanyahu. ”

Chairman of the Movement for the Quality of Government, Dr. Eliad Shraga


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