Interview with a corona patient at a hotel in Eilat: “I promise I did not come close …


The disturbing incident that took place over the weekend in Eilat, when a verified Corona patient was located at the Club Hotel, has already caused a big storm. A day after the police announced his capture and removal from the hotel and the entire city – the patient came to the “savings plan” for a first interview, where he explains that he did not know he violated the required isolation conditions: “I was 3 days at home, now I have no fever.” The Eilat municipality is threatening a lawsuit against him – in the amount of a quarter of a million shekels.

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“I left the hotel with the family towards the beach, we took masks because we do not want to get infected again,” he said. “Suddenly they called me and told me they were looking for me all over Eilat. They took me out of the hotel, a lot of people from the hotel looked at me and took pictures of me.”

At this point, it seems, the verified patient already understood the magnitude of the storm he created: “My wife and I cried over the situation, what happened? I did not know I had to stay 10 days in isolation. I was at home for 3 days and now I am ‘clean’ “From the hotel and I had no fever. I was only just told that I had between 3 and 4 days left for isolation.” He added that he did not use the various hotel facilities – such as the pool and public toilets.

Meanwhile, the Eilat municipality is now threatening to sue the patient, for a quarter of a million shekels. The hotel is expected to file a lawsuit against the guest. The statement of claim states sharply: “Your disregard for the provisions of the law and for human life, constitute a serious injury to the security of the residents and vacationers in Eilat. The residents of Eilat do not intend to move on to the agenda about your conduct. We estimate the damage you caused to the restoration of the security of the many tourists who visit the city, in the amount of 250,000 shekels. This is in addition to the lawsuit expected on behalf of the hotel itself against the guest.

“I was told they were looking for me all over Eilat” | Photo: Police Spokeswoman

Yesterday, the police announced the presence of a verified patient at the Club Hotel in Eilat. JSM police officers arrived at his hotel room, wearing protective suits, and ordered him to leave the place immediately and return to home isolation. He was fined NIS 5,000, removed from the city and taken out with his family to his vehicle.

This morning, police made it clear that the patient had been discovered by another guest at the hotel – who had an early acquaintance among them. The same person identified the patient, who knew he had contracted the virus. The same person reported this to the hotel management who eventually called the police forces.


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