International media about Verstappen: ‘Could easily have won’


The British Grand Prix was for the most part a fairly colorless race, except for the last few laps. The talk of the day are the failing Pirelli tires, which allowed Max Verstappen to take second place. The international media therefore mainly focus on tires in their analyzes.

Auto, Motor und Sport (Germany): Red Bull could have easily won at Silverstone

The German car magazine thinks Max Verstappen and Red Bull could have easily won if the last pit stop had not been made. According to the magazine, this provided a buffer for Lewis Hamilton. Something that is often very successful abroad is the temperament of Verstappen after such an incident. This will remain within limits this time, writes the editor of service. Furthermore, it was mainly the popping tires that involuntarily caused the necessary tension in the game.

L’Equipe (France): Pirelli tires do not meet the requirements

France also focuses on what happened to the tires, but not in a very positive way. France’s biggest sports newspaper called it “ worrying ” what happened, be it from the debris on the track or the forces releasing the fast turns on the tires. The newspaper refers to 2017 and 2013, when the tires were also not satisfactory. People are particularly curious about what will happen next weekend when even softer rubber will be used.

Sky Sports (Great Britain): Gamble of Verstappen has not worked

Also in England it is thought that Max Verstappen could have won the race if the pit stop had not been made. Martin Brundle, a former driver and analyst at Sky Sports, puts it as a gamble that turned out wrong. At the same time, it is also realistic and it is suggested that the Red Bull tires could have failed. We will never know, the British said, but the feeling that Red Bull could have been at the top remains. Furthermore, the medium emphasizes the empty circuit without spectators, which gives a pretty sad sight.

Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy): Hamilton on three wheels against boredom, Leclerc determined

In Italy it is of course very happy that there was another Ferrari on the podium after the dramatic end of the Steiermark Grand Prix, in which both Ferraris were eliminated by an action by Leclerc. The Italian sports newspaper praises Leclerc’s determination and perseverance. Furthermore, the emphasis is on the rather boring race, which was shaken at the end. Lewis Hamilton was lucky, the Italians say, but at the same time they emphasize his incredible dominance. At least the flopping of the tire doesn’t make him bored!


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