Interest group: ‘Advertising pillars risk road safety’


“We all agitate against the use of the smartphone behind the wheel,” says VVS chairman Nelly Vollebregt in De Telegraaf, “but at the same time it is allowed that these types of pillars distract drivers. It is the wrong signal, which we have major problems with. . ”

LED advertising screens

The organization wants Rijkswaterstaat, municipalities and provinces to stop issuing permits for – according to the VVS – distracting advertising columns. They would lead to traffic accidents. “Digital LED advertising screens, with the message changing every six seconds, provide a visual and cognitive distraction to the driver, reducing the reaction to unexpected and dangerous traffic situations.”

Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) agrees with that message and calls the pillars along the roads ‘undesirable’.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, there are guidelines for the use of advertising pillars along motorways and provincial roads. “Moving images on digital billboards are not allowed,” said a spokesman. “In order to avoid obstacles on the verge, a minimum distance of thirteen meters from the right-hand lane is also maintained.”

It is unclear whether the pillars actually lead to dangerous situations, as the VVS claims, and if so, how often this happens.


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