Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen on the law to defer the state budget


In an attempt to prevent the dissolution of the government, MKs Yoaz Handel and Zvi Hauser will today go to the polls to pass a law to postpone the state budget. Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen announced that he would support the law but clarified that the requirement for an annual budget is not out of the question: “At present, it is mandatory to transfer a budget immediately in order to convey stability to businesses, employees and the self-employed.”

Elections in November or postponement of the budget? After the dispute between the Likud and Blue and White over an annual or biennial budget, this morning (Wednesday) a debate began in the Knesset on the law to postpone the budget submission date submitted by MKs Yoaz Handel and Zvi Hauser in order to prevent the government from disintegrating. Hauser warned that “if we do not all recover – the 23rd Knesset will disperse.”

Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen announced in the “Morning News” that he will vote in favor of the law, but that the Likud’s demand for an annual budget is not out of the question. “We will support Hauser’s bill to postpone the approval of the budget, I intend to vote in favor. The State of Israel should not go to the polls now, we have health and economic challenges,” said Minister Cohen. “However, the State of Israel needs a budget at the moment. “This government will continue.”

Cohen explained the importance of the annual budget: “What can be transferred immediately is an annual budget. Once a budget is approved by the government, it means that a budget flows to ministries. Transferring the budget means transmitting stability to businesses, employees and the self-employed. Is it possible to predict the 2021 budget better? Today or in December? Does anyone know when the corona will end? “.

Are you able to look at the camera and say that there are no tricks on your part and that you do not plan to go to the polls anyway?
“I was the chairman of the Likud’s election day staff, I know the power and strength of the party, but I say clearly that I want to do only what is good for the State of Israel and that is to pass a budget immediately. If the budget does not pass by August 24, it means harm. “Very significant in the education system, infrastructure and other projects.”


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