Instead of the Overcoming Law: Qara calls for the abolition of the High Court and the establishment of a Constitutional Court


Against the background of the overcoming clause bill by the right-wing faction, MK Shlomo Kari from the Likud states that “the real solution to the Getz troll is the IDF to establish a constitutional court and abolish the Getz.

Until then, a bill to increase the majority by a majority of 61 is a temporary band-aid. Disqualification of an ordinary law and only unanimously. But, since the right does not have a majority, without Lieberman, Handel and Hauser (who announced that they would vote against), this is a performance of Ayelet “Bagetz is no longer a branch of Meretz” Shaked “.

Qarai explained that the law proposed by Ayelet Shaked actually strengthens the High Court.

In our law, 15 judges (full composition) and a unanimous decision are required to overcome the Knesset and invalidate a law. In its law, Shaked significantly strengthens the High Court, which to this day has no authority to invalidate laws. ”


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