Instagram brings TikTok competitor to Belgium


Instagram will be launching Reels in Belgium on Wednesday, an application that allows users to create and share video clips. In other words, competition for rival TikTok, the Chinese application that received a lot of criticism from US President Donald Trump in recent days.

The difference with Instagram Stories is that the clips in Reels don’t disappear after you click them. The user can also choose who to share them with: a select group of friends or, more broadly, to the general public. The most popular videos could then go viral.

Instagram Reels videos last up to 15 seconds and can be made with a few simple clicks, says product director Robby Stein. You can also add music picked from a catalog of “tens of millions” of songs or your own creation, and special effects. For those effects, the company works together with external developers.

One billion users

Instagram has already conducted tests with Reels, including in Brazil, Germany and France, and noted “an explosion of creativity,” said Stein. The application has been available since Wednesday in more than fifty countries, including Belgium, in both Android and iOS.

Instagram has become increasingly popular in recent years. It started out as an online photo album in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook for $ 1 billion two years later. In the meantime, thanks to a series of new applications, Instagram has become a fully-fledged social medium, along which companies and influencers also tell their story. The platform has more than a billion users. “And it is exactly that large community that makes the difference with TikTok,” said Stein.


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