Inseparable lion couple gets a syringe together so that they …


The inseparable African lions Hubert and Kalisa who moved to the LA Zoo in 2014 were simultaneously given a syringe so that one did not have to live on without the other. Because of their old age, their quality of life had deteriorated and it was decided to put them to sleep.

Hubert and Kalisa were both 21 years old when this week it was decided that euthanasia was necessary because their health deteriorated rapidly due to age-related problems. The zoo said in a statement on Instagram. “While it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to this iconic duo, we’re taking the idea that they can go together. These lions remain a positive part of our history and will be greatly missed, ”the report said.

Lions living in the wild are expected to die in their early teens, in captivity they can live up to 17 years on average. Hubert and Kalisa have thus far exceeded their life expectancy. They were inseparable, and according to zoo staff, they had a special bond throughout their years at the zoo. It was therefore also decided to put them to sleep together, so that they should not live on without each other.


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