“Injustice to Liat Ben-Ari; Bibists run to the media to make sure they have something”


Raviv Drucker, the political commentator for News 13, tweeted on his Twitter account against the widespread involvement in the story of the alleged expansion of the construction in the house of Liat Ben-Ari, the prosecutor at the Netanyahu trial on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office, and wrote: “In Rosh HaAyin and the ‘construction offense’ that was allegedly committed. No construction offense. The opposite. Babies from the most foreign motives prevent her and other families from getting the permit they deserve and of course run quickly to the media to make it look like something.”

Earlier today, it was reported in Ace that the prosecutor in the Netanyahu trial, Adv. Liat Ben-Ari, was summoned for questioning in the Rosh HaAyin municipality on suspicion of a construction offense allegedly committed without a permit, in a house that was split into a housing unit without a permit, which could be considered a criminal offense. Rosh HaAyin Municipality, a hearing against it is expected in early September, and the State Attorney’s Office addressed the mayor of Rosh HaAyin about a week ago and demanded that they not intervene in the issue of Liat Ben-Ari in order to maintain the independence of the criminal prosecution.


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